Eny Dórea Paiva Postdoctoral Program

Invitation for the Nursing Postdoctoral Program was made in 2017 right after a talk with researcher Margareth Zanchetta, associate professor of the Nursing School Daphne Cokwell, from Ryerson University, in Toronto, Canada.

Such professor develops researches with vulnerable individuals, and the population from the study at issue comprises children and adolescents with chronic diseases who need parenteral medicine for their treatments. The research project aims to create an electronic game to stimulate children and adolescents’ new behaviors to control fear and pain in children and adolescents with chronic diseases who underwent parental procedures. It has been estimated this study lasts one year.

For the development of this product, several meetings with nursing professionals, who work in children and adolescence’s care, have been carried out, as well as with IT, designers, developers, among others. In addition to these meetings, a Design Thinking course is being performed. This methodology helps in research conduction, because it is a systematic way of solving several issues, including in healthcare.

Furthermore, the participation in several Canadian nursing events is supporting the acquisition of new knowledge and comprehension of how nursing care works in several countries.

Therefore, the post-doctoral opportunity abroad is a way to stimulate internationalization and exchange knowledge, between Brazilian and international nursing, thus expanding the Brazilian researchers’ way of thinking, improving our studies, and as a consequence, the provided nursing care.

Enéas Rangel Teixeira Postdoctoral Program


At Laval University in Quebec, Canada, Supervisor, Dr. Professor Clémence Dellaire. Head Professor and Vice-Principal of UniLaval Nursing School. She has some productions in Nursing Epistemology, population aging management, and Care innovation. She carried out studies and international conferences, with students from France, Brazil, Cameroon, Lebanon, among others. The post-doctoral program purposes are: improving teaching and research activities; performing conventions and exchanges programs; developing researches and productions in partnerships.